The Dynamics of life

Just like a system which has it’s business rules on which it is defined and implemented, life has it’s own rules, it’s own dynamics.  We are all born out of karma that is accumulated from a previous life, we come to the present life to work on the past life mistakes that we have made and hopefully to dissolve the accumulated karma.  That is the reason why the life focus for each and everyone varies significantly, some are born to work on relationships, some are born to dedicate their life in the service of others.  Whichever is the reason, the life focus will be on the area where there is accumulated karma and generally we suffer in that area to learn the lessons that needs to be learnt [the hard way!].  For everyone, there exist a debit account and a credit account, for everything that is done with a view of hurting another soul goes to the debit account and all that is done for a good cause in view of helping another goes to the credit account. Now, the creator has granted everyone a predestined life, keeping in mind that a soul takes birth as a result of past life karma.  Whether the life will be a comfortable one or full of suffering is only a matter of the status of the credit and debit accounts from past life.  Let’s take an example, a man could be very poor and has kids to look after, life will give him all the struggle of the world to raise those kids as potentially he might have accumulated karma in the area of children from past life. Another example would be a man who has financial freedom but has a disabled child and he has to dedicated his whole life looking after the child, taking care of the child.

In any scenario, the creator has added something common in everyone’s life and that is freewill.  We all have freewill, that is why we can be the writer’s of our own life’s story, we can choose to kill somebody or not, we can choose to abort a pregnancy or not, we can choose to help a needy person or not.  The freewill will be used by many to do right/wrong actions in the present life and we are all completely free to do right actions or wrong actions, both of which will go to the credit account and debit account respectively.  Coming back to the example of the man who has a disabled child, life’s focus for him will be on raising the disabled child and ensuring that he is protected, nurtured etc but using his freewill he can create new karma in other areas of his life.  Those karma will then lead him to future incarnations and thereafter determine the quality of life in those incarnations.

As per astrology, the day/date and time that we are born specifies the life that we are going to live in the present life. The planetary configurations on the precise time that we are born will spell the life focus and the everything else in our life. An astrologer may well advise that a person will live up to 90 years but can undoutedly die at the age of 30 after being hit by a car in a road accident and that is only due to the fact that there is freewill exercised by the other person involved in the accident.

Once we understand these concepts, we no longer blame the creator for the life that we live, we shall then emerge from all negative opinions about life and embrace the lessons that life teaches.  We would have the understanding that the suffering that life brings are for our own good, we will learn every lesson out of it, and at the same time live life by consciously avoiding any new karma using our freewill.

“How people treat you is their karma; how you react is yours.”


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