The Sun: A symbol of Causeless Happiness


Ever observed the sun in the morning?  we probably haven’t since we are engrossed into our daily routines to such an extent that the sun becomes just another normal something that we take for granted.  No one cares! The sun radiates pure energy, pure love and does not expects anything in return, nothing!.  Just imagine if the sun would have an ego, then someday we would wake up and be in darkness. It does not work like this instead the sun blesses the whole universe with light unconditionally.

The sun is a perfect example of causeless happiness. If you observe the sun you will feel the energy, the positivity, the light, the happiness and everything that emanates from the sun is pure and causeless.

Now let’s observe us humans. If we need to be happy then we need to do something, or we need a situation or someone or we need something through which we can be happy. can we humans, be happy without doing anything and for no reasons? It is indeed possible if you ask me, we can most definitely achieve that state.

Today we are all busy into doing something to be happy, we have assumed that we would derive happiness out of doing something whether it is name, fame or money or something else. In reality this is a misconception, since there is no happiness but instead we will be eternally webbed into finding that happiness after materialistic pursuits.

In a state of causeless happiness, however we would be doing the same action too but with a condition of happiness already established inside of us, then whether success prevails or failure, whether happiness is the outcome or sadness, we will be doing that action to express the love that is eternally prevailing inside of us.

Whether money or anything material comes or goes, someones enters your life or leaves, Nothing will matter, nothing will make a difference, nothing will move you, you will be simply in a state of causeless happiness.

Take a minute, offer gratitude to the sun for being a part of our life, for the light that it spreads unconditionally everyday. Observe the changes that happens to your life..

Love and Light,



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