Motivational story

There is a small story that I came across which perfectly describes the power of the mind. This is the story of two kids who used to live in a village somewhere in India.  They used to play and did everything together and were very close friends.  One was 6 years old and the other was 10 years old. One day they wandered outside the village while playing and didn’t realize that they came quite far.  While playing the elder one happened to get close to a well and accidentally fell into it.  He started shouting for help in agony since he didn’t know how to swim. The 6 year old boy got really scared and wanted to save his dear friend.  However when he checked around, he could not find anyone for help and then his attention went to a rope that was attached to a bucket.  He did not waste another second and threw the bucket into the well, he asked his friend to hold on to the bucket. At that point he put all his strength that he could possibly have to drag his friend out. He didn’t stopped until his friend was out.  The 6 year old boy saved his 10 year old friend and both of them hugged and cried, they were scared at the same time that they will get into trouble for everything that happened.  So they went back to their village, surprisingly no one believed their story.  The villagers wondered, how could a child who had not even enough strength to lift a bucket full of water off that well did manage to save his 10 year old boy.  No one believed except for an old man who was one of the wisest man of the village.  The villages thought if that man who never lies, believed that incident happened then there must be something about this. So, they all went to the old man to inquire, they all asked him, how could this be possible. He laughed and said to them, well the kid did explain how he has done that then why are you all asking me how it happened.  After a few minutes of silence, he went on and told them, it is not a question of “how” but “why” did the 6 year old boy manage to save this friend.  The old man explained that when the incident happened, then at the particular point in time and place, no one was there to tell the 6 year old boy that you cannot do this, not even himself!



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